Rites Of Post

Rites Of Post was a postal collaboration between Steve Hartwell and Rob Baylis (The Detective). We used manuscript and completed a line at a time before posting it back.

Free music! - Rites Of Post Tomato And Feud (432kB 64kbps mp3)

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Compilation Appearances

[1] Tomato And Feud, Pop Collection 1, Hypertonia World Enterprises, C90, April 1989

[2] Mars And Bars, Crime On Family, Black Death (BLD 30), 2 x C90, July 1990

[3] Move Out, Surreal Dreams Purge Nihilist Nightmares, Violet Glass Oracle Tapes (VGO 011), C90, August 1990

[4] Mars And Bars, The Power And The Passion Vol. VI, IRRE Tapes (IT072), C46, March 1992


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