And Why Not?

And Why Not? was a group comprised of Gordon Chambers, Sue Fielding, Helen Kibble and Steve Hartwell. We all worked for the same scientific instrument company in the early 90's and produced some music for a works Revue which we followed up with some of our own songs. The name is taken from the favourite phrase of Barry Norman (who denies that he ever said it - but I've heard him utter it!).

Free music! - And Why Not Bad Salad (603kB 64kbps mp3)

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Compilation Appearances

[1] Time To Choose / Bad Salad / The Creak Of A Chair / It's Only A Rumour / Software Crash / Down In The Casbah, Samadhi, Tears Tapes (TEAR 331), C60, April 1991

[2] It's Only A Rumour, New Hippies Volume 2, Red Neon Tapes (RN8), C60, June 1991

[3] Bad Salad, The Power And The Passion Vol VII, IRRE Tapes (IT073), C46, March 1992

[4] Let It Be,The Great "We Love The Beetles" Swindle, Tears Tapes, 2 x C60, March 1992

[5] Bad Salad, Quatrieme Communion, Orcadia Machina, 2 x C60, September 1992

[6] Creak Of A Chair / Bad Salad, Andromedia Strain, Fool's Paradise, 2 x C60, September 1992

[7] Bad Salad, The Best Of Irre 066-080 Vol. 5, IRRE Tapes, C90, November 1992

[8] Bad Salad, EBU's Music Sampler Vol. Songs & Sounds II, EBU's Music (EM033), C90, April 1994

[9] Down In The Casbah, Flower God, Epitapes, C90, January 1995

Track By Track

The Creak Of A Chair (demo)
Releases: None
The title comes from the creaky chair Gordon was sitting on when playing the guitar part.

The Creak Of A Chair
Releases: Samadhi , Andromedia Strain
The proper version without a creak!

Time To Choose
Releases: Samadhi

Bad Salad
Releases: Andromedia Strain, The Best Of IRRE Vol 5, Samadhi, Quatrieme Communion, EBU's Music Sampler Vol. Songs & Sounds II, The Power And The Passion Vol VII
The title is a corruption of Sad Ballad

After The Goldrush
Releases: None
Yes, it is the Neil Young song

It's Only A Rumour
Releases: Samadhi, New Hippies Vol 2

Software Crash
Releases: Samadhi
New lyrics to Monster Mash

Lab Move
Releases: None
A revision of Fiddler's Dram's 'The Day We Went To Bangor'. Like all corporations our company loved re-organising!

Philips Briefing Day
Releases: None
Yes the company was part of Philips! Once a year we were taken away to be told how well we'd been doing...

Down In The Casbah
Releases: Samadhi, Flower God
This has a totally unexpected (but very fitting) contribution from Helen's husband Dugald at the end

Don't Put Your Love To The Test
Releases: None

Third Time Unlucky
Releases: None

Let It Be
Releases: The Great 'We Love The Beetles' Swindle
A Beatles song recorded especially for the compilation. The song was chosen because of the simplicity of the chords!


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